5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Jan 17, 2023

Shorter days and longer nights can bring out the blues this winter. If you’re working from home this means you’re stuck indoors with almost no sunlight and if you’re commuting, you’re dealing with the harsh cold weather and darkness from the moment you leave to the moment you get back home. While it’s common to feel more tired, less motivated, and experience mood changes, you can still take measures on making your winter much better. We recommend adding these tips to your daily routine so you can feel less crappy and more happy. Grab a cup of warm Reishi Hot Cocoa, slip on your fave pair of Le Bon Shoppe socks and get ready to learn how to beat the winter blues. 

1. Stick to a Routine

From sleep to daily habits, it’s super important to maintain a routine especially during the winter months. Sleep is a huge component of mood regulation so make sure to create a schedule for your zzz’s and that you get enough each night. If you have trouble keeping a consistent sleep schedule, try the Dream Patch. Make sure to be on top of habits that make you feel good from the inside out, like keeping your skin moisturized with your skincare routine, eating whole foods that nourish your body, and making time for self care. Need self-care ideas? Click here to creep through our self-care collection.

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2. Call on Your Support Systems

It can be so easy to fall into isolation during the winter, whether Toronto’s snow storms are keeping you in or the gloominess takes over and you want a night in. Don’t forget to hop on FaceTime with a friend, a loved one, or a family member to stay connected with the most important people in your life. If you want to get to know your loved ones on a deeper level, play the Let’s Get Closer game or try out the Couples Edition with your boo while staying cozy indoors.

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3. Get as much sun as possible

Sunlight provides so many benefits to our health and with the days being shorter, make time to get some sun! Get outside for at least 30 minutes to an hour and soak in all those rays (safely with SPF of course) before it gets dark. Going for a walk in the sun gives you Vitamin D, increases melatonin to regulate your circadian rhythm, regulates your blood pressure, stress levels, and improve your immune system. If you find that you aren’t getting enough time outdoors, try a Vitamin D supplement from Trywell.

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4. Focus on your wellness

Focusing on your wellness is a must all year long but even more during the winter. Taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health helps with mood changes and keeps your stress levels at bay. We carry a range of beneficial supplements that boost immunity, keep your gut healthy, and more! Check out Mount Sunny, Rainbo, and Trywell. This winter, try a new yoga routine, load up that pilates video on YouTube, or try a 30 day journal challenge (Twentyseven Tip: Try the 5 Minute Journal - includes science based techniques such as practicing gratitude, writing down your goals, daily reflections, and it only takes 5 minutes out of your day!) or a 30 day meditation challenge (We love the Color Meditation Deck for this). Just because the weather outside is miserable doesn’t mean you have to be!

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5. Treat yo self!

Hard times call for Netflix binges. We’re kidding (but not really, tell us which show you're obsessed with currently!) This is the time to treat yourself to life’s small pleasures like indulging in some Squish Candy treats or giving yourself a spa night with bath salts, hair masks, and sheet masks. Treat yo' self to warm blankets and all the comfy socks to be cozy all winter long. We can be even harder on ourselves this time of the year and we deserve a lil’ treat once in a while.

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Let us know your tips for beating the winter blues or let us know if these tips helped you! If you find your winter blues severely impacting your daily life, always reach out to a professional to get the proper answers to your needs.