Gemstone Colour Locking Concentrate
Gemstone Colour Locking Concentrate
Gemstone Colour Locking Concentrate

Gemstone Colour Locking Concentrate

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Hair color takes on the ultra-reflective, prismatic beauty of a gemstone with this color-locking in-salon treatment.
Pro vitamins and oils provide intense hydration and protection against color-ravaging stressors. A clinically proven complex seals in color and moisture, extending your hair color’s vibrancy, dimension and shine for up to 10 washes. Your hair is left smooth, bouncy and beyond brilliant. The perfect end to a hair color service.

Standout ingredient
ChromoHance polymer blend seals the shaft, locking in moisture and color so your hair stays silky and vibrant for longer.

Reduces damaged hair and repairs split ends for up to 4 weeks.
One treatment retains color vibrancy with visual results for up to 23 washes.

**Priced for 1 15ml concentrate treatment