The Ultimate Winter Hair Care Routine

Oct 22, 2021

Winter is coming... The perfect time to snuggle under your soft wool blanket indoors, cozying up by the fireplace with a warm hot chocolate and binging allllll the shows on Netflix. But as we know, the dropping temperature can take a huge toll on our locks, making hair susceptible to dryness, flakiness, dullness and prone to breakage. We definitely don't want that for you! So we've made a list of our best tips paired with our most tried and true hair products that will get you through these winter months. By adapting your haircare routine you'll be maintaining those healthy, silky waves, making your hair feel like it's summer all-year long.


Tip 1: Use a hair oil to help hydrate your scalp

So many factors can draw the moisture out of your scalp and hair. When the cool weather comes we like to keep things extra cozy, by pumping up the heat indoors, having it blasting in the car while driving to work, wrapping big wool scarves around your neck, and the list goes on... All of these actions draw moisture out of your hair!  Dryness can look like many things, from feeling a tight scalp or seeing flakes in your hair. Using an oil based scalp treatment on your scalp and a hydrating oil on your ends can give it the moisture boost it needs. 


Twentyseven Faves:


Act+Acre Scalp Detox


Artifact Tiare Tails Hair Oil


Tip 2: Wash your hair less (more time for Netflix! 💃🏼)

Over-washing your hair also strips your hair of its vital natural oils which give your hair moisture in the first place. Try to wash every other day or every 2 days. If you absolutely need to wash, use a conditioner and skip the shampoo! For lazy days, you can also opt for a dry shampoo.


Twentyseven Faves:

Act+Acre Plant Based Dry Shampoo


R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo


Tip 3: Blow dry gently

The heat from your blow-dryer can cause unwanted additional breakage especially if your filter is clogged, Whats a filter? You know that mesh at the back of your dryer thats FULL of dust? Thats your filter. It usually unscrews and you can wash the dust off, let it air dry and then pop it back on. With the filter clogged you risk your dryer over heating and therefore using more unnecessary heat on your hair! If you aren't in a rush in the winter months try to air-dry or diffuse your hair instead for that effortless look.


Twentyseven Faves:


YS Park Metal Mesh Hair Diffuser


R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray


Tip 4: Always use heat protection when using hot tools

Your curling wand and your straighteners are the number one culprits of dry, damaged hair. Pair this with the dry, cold winter airs and you've got a match made for disaster. Remember to use heat protection and if possible, opt for non-heat styling options like braiding your hair before bed to give you those beachy waves overnight.


Twentyseven Faves: 

Davines OI All in one Milk


R+Co ONE Prep Spray


Tip 5: Commit to a weekly deep-conditioning hair treatment

Weekly hair treatment masks can do wonders for dry, damaged hair. Not only can they reverse the effects of dryness, but they also work as a preventative measure to ensure that your hair is protected year round. Hair masks are quick yet highly potent, you'll see results almost immediately!


Twentyseven Faves:  

Davines The Renaissance Circle of Chronicles Hair Mask


Davines Oi Hair Butter Mask


Tip 6: Invest in silk

We love our silk scrunchies here and there's a reason why! Silk is a natural material and is protein-based it contains vital amino acids that help hair retain moisture. Silk is an absolute must-have in your collection, preventing thinning, breakage and knotting.


 Twentyseven Faves:

Twentyseven Soft Pink Silk Scrunchie