Twentyseven x Caitlyn Mary Art Collection

Nov 11, 2021

We have new artwork in store! 

We’ve partnered with Caitlyn Mary Art to display her brand new body of work titled “The Warmth of Winter” an exclusive collection for Twentyseven.

We discovered Caitlyn Mary's beautiful work in Prince Edward County ( stay tuned to see her originals supersized at The Hunt House!!) Her work instills a sense of calm and the colours and textures are inspiring to us daily. We are SO lucky to have her artwork on display at Twentyseven!


About Caitlyn Mary

Originally from St. Thomas, now based in Belleville, Caitlyn Mary owns and fills her shop with beauty and intention. Inspired by nature, she uses mixed media abstracts to inspire feelings of peace and deep connection through her paintings (and we feel it!) As we focus on enjoying this season of Winter, she creates artwork that reflects the beautiful, warm and cozy side of these cold months. Her favourite sight to see during this time of year is sparkling snow lying quietly on the branches of evergreen trees during the early evening sunset.

Cuddle up, grab a tea, and enjoy the sights and escape through fine art.

The Warmth of Winter  Collection

The palette of this collection was inspired by this mental picture and included deep emerald greens, cold icy blues, and the warmth of the sun felt in the pinks and hints of yellow ochre. This collection brings you a sense of stillness and calm with a touch of the warm fuzzies that the Winter season can bring. Let this collection be a gentle reminder of finding gratitude and the warmth of the sun in your life, no matter which season you’re in.

The idea of the “warmth of winter” is inspired by the icy tones of sparkling snow, combined with the cozy feelings of cuddling by the fireplace with your loved ones. Winter can seem chilly, but I love how it can force us to slow down and focus on enjoying hot chocolate and blankets with those in our homes.


"Glass Fields"


"Mountains in Winter"


"Atlantic Air"


"Frosted Winds"


"Rekindled Love"


"Soft Mornings"