Our Top 6 Hair and Beauty Tips for the Fall

Oct 5, 2022

It’s officially fall! While we’ll be missing beach days under the hot summer sun, we can’t wait for pumpkin spice SZN and are read to pull up our cozy socks. As the leaves start to change, so should your hair and beauty routine. Our environments affect our skin and hair more than we know. Transitioning from summer to fall can take a toll on your skin and hair but with our tried and true tips, you’ll have no issues all season long.

Get a Trim

The first step to healthier hair is to routinely get a trim as the seasons change. Get rid of any damage living at the ends of your hair, to grow your hair longer you need to get regular trims to get rid of any split ends, otherwise your hair will give itself an uncontrollable haircut by splitting. You only need about 4 trims per year ( depending on your style), so we recommend doing it before the start of a brand new season. New szn new do! P.s if you havent booked in before the holidays, this is your reminder to do so!



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Colder temperatures means less humidity, which results in less moisture for your skin and hair. This can lead to skin irritation, inflammation and might exacerbate skin conditions like eczema. Dehydrated locks can show up as dry, frizzy, brittle strands that look dull and lack body. Start with hydrating from the inside out, so drink lots of water! Increasing your water intake can do wonders for your skin AND hair. Make sure you get your daily 2L. Next, you’ll want to invest in some deep hydration products whether it’s switching up your current shampoo and conditioner or treating yourself to some treatments. We can’t emphasize ENOUGH how important it is to consistently treat parched skin with a hydrating cleanser and a good thick moisturizer. Look for creams and treatments that are rich in ceramides, vitamins, and fatty acids. Make hair masks a weekly staple in your routine and switch to a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner for the winter months.


Act+Acre Restorative Hair Mask

Davines The Renaissance Circle Hair Mask


Less is More

During the colder months, we would also recommend washing your hair less and exfoliating moderately. Depending on your skin and hair’s needs, we would go for 1-2x per week for both. The dryness in the air mixed with more indoor heating can lead to skin and hair dryness which is a no no if you want to keep both healthy! Naturally, shampooing your hair can strip the oils already present in your hair so try to go for a formula that's meant for extra hydration. For your skin, exfoliation can irritate already dry skin so don’t overdo it.


Care for your Curls

If you have curly hair, you might also notice your curls start to get disrupted by the cold. They start to lose their bounce and their shine. So make sure to give them some extra TLC as you transition into the fall. We recommend the LOVE Collection by Davines, specifically formulated to give your curls some more love. Don’t forget to add some leave-in conditioner before you twist or braid them at night, keeping them moisturized and looking alive the morning after.

Shop the Davines LOVE Collection


Stay on Top of SPF

Sunscreen during the fall? You bet! Even on cloudy days harmful UV Rays still penetrate through the clouds and come in contact with your skin. SPF helps prevent premature wrinkles and reduces risk of skin cancer so use up your sunblock! We love Everyday Humans “Resting Beach Face SPF 30” it has hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin in it to quench your skins thirst whilst protecting from those UV Rays.


Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face SPF 30

Everyday Humans Oh My Bod! SPF 50

Salt & Stone Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50


Nourish Your Scalp

Remove excess buildup by taking care of your scalp this fall. We love a good scalp exfoliant such as Crown Scalp Scrub by R+CO paired with the OG Act+Acre Scap detox.  Remember, your scalp is just an extension of your skin so don’t neglect it. Keeping it hydrated at the roots boosts healthier, stronger hair that can tackle the wrath of colder temperatures.


Act+Acre Cold Processed Scalp Detox

Davines SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub


The Key Takeaway?

Level up your hydration game and avoid drying out your hair and skin. Focus on using products that moisturize and nourish.



Be mindful of how your skin + hair reacts to the change in weather

Adjust your beauty routine accordingly

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