How to Wash Your Hair (The Right Way!)

Feb 26, 2021

Did you know that so many people have been washing their hair wrong all along? And maybe (gasp) you might be one of them!? 

It may sound funny but, did you ever think about who actually taught you how to wash your hair? Did your mom sit you down and actually show you the steps? No, she probably just sent you in the shower with a bottle of Pert Plus. Maybe, if you were lucky (not) that two-in-one combo shampoo and conditioner that shouldn’t even exist.

We’re here to tell you how and when to do it. Just like you once upon a time we were doing it all wrong, but not to worry, we are here to save your locks! We will break it down for you with the steps on how to properly wash and condition for optimal scalp health, clean, and healthy hair!


Be sure to brush thoroughly before you wash your hair. You want to move your natural oils down your hair shaft using a boar bristle brush. Natural bristles help to move your natural oils and synthetic ones won’t get the job done. You also don’t want to wet your hair until all of the knots are out and it is tangle free otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure after the shower. Take the time to detangle those stubborn knots before you step into the shower. 

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Put a quarter size of shampoo in your hands and rub them together until the bubbles form and you get a good lather. This ensures you won’t be wasting product by having to add loads more because you already have a good lather going. Apply the shampoo to your scalp starting at your hairline and working your way towards the back of your head. If you wash your hair once a week, we suggest that you actually do two or even 3 washes before conditioning to ensure your scalp is properly cleansed. After you have done the first wash start the second at the nape of your neck and work your way up towards the front. If you aren’t getting a good lather add a little bit more water to work up the lather as opposed to more shampoo. This is the most common mistake that people do, don’t waste your shampoo all you need is a bit of water!

Keep in mind that you are cleansing your scalp not your hair - the shampoo running through your hair will clean it, it's your scalp that you want to focus on here and cleanse! 

When scrubbing, be careful not to dig or press your nails too hard on your scalp (ouch!) Instead, focus on massaging with circular motions using your fingertips. Aside from feeling super relaxing, scalp massages can help stimulate the follicle and helps to promote hair growth!




Conditioner only goes on your ends! It sounds like a no brainer but SO many people don’t do or know this. The natural oils in your hair come from your roots and end up reaching the top few inches of hair with regular hair brushing. Your ends on the other hand don’t receive as much of the natural oils, which is why we have to condition our hair.  Apply conditioner to your hair starting with any hair that touches the bottom of your ears and work your way down. Press the conditioner into your ends and detangle with your fingers or use a Wet Brush ( this is the only brush we use when hair is wet)

It’s important not to overlook rinsing! You don't want to leave any extra residue in there which can create build up. So take a few extra minutes to properly remove all of your shampoo and conditioner.



So you’ve got clean hair and you are feeling great! Next, you have to dry and style your hair. Don't skip this step and simply tie your hair up wet after the shower! Your scalp is meant to be dry, otherwise it is a breeding ground for fungal bacterias to grow. Most people think they have dandruff, when in reality, they aren’t letting their scalp dry or breathe properly! We know time is of the essence and yes we break these rules once in a while too but… even just rough dry your roots for 2-3 minutes to get out the majority of the moisture. 


Hope you're looking forward to your next shower to try out these new hair-washing techniques! Take your time, give yourself some love, then call your mom and teach her the right way to wash her hair. 😏

You can thank us later =) 

If you have any hair questions or concerns about how to wash your hair feel free to email us and we would be more than happy to chat with you!


Team Twentyseven