How to Protect your Hair this Summer

Jul 8, 2021

Summer’s a time for rejuvenation and looking your best, but this time of year can also impact your hair. The beaming sun can cause issues, like frizz, discolouration, and hair breakage, so being proactive in your hair care routine can protect you from damage. 

We’ve put together a list of tips to help keep your hair healthy this summer. 

Here are our five best tips for protecting your hair this season:

Bring on the Summer Hair Care Routine

Summer means long days outside, water, and sweat. During these hot months, you need to shampoo more often to cleanse your scalp. This will help you avoid dirt and sweat buildup that inevitably increases this season. After the winter months, prioritizing hydration is a must. Use products that will hydrate your hair while also providing UV protection.

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Protect your Scalp

You may be worried about hair, but protecting your scalp is often overlooked. It’s a necessary part of your hair care routine. Use products that protect your scalp from UV rays.

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Always Wear a Hat

Hats are a barrier between the sun and your beautiful hair, so keep one on hand at all times - especially for those beach days! If you’re not a hat person, bandanas and head scarves are a great alternative.

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Pay Attention to your Climate

Protecting your hair is dependent on your weather and climate, so you may need to adjust your strategies. If you’re somewhere humid, try leave-in conditioners or oils to avoid frizzy hair, and if you’re somewhere dry, try a deep conditioner to keep your hair hydrated.

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Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated benefits much more than you think. In the summer, you need more hydration than ever. Keeping your skin hydrated, which includes your scalp, not only makes your skin look glowy and plump, but your hair thrives as well.

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