Get Your Mind Clear

Feb 11, 2021

Ever feel like you want to throw your computer out the window sometimes? We get it. Life in the time of Quarantine can be stressful and we can pretend we have it all together on the ‘gram, but in real life, we need a little guidance. We wanted to share with you the incredible benefits of keeping a journal and having a daily writing practice. Doing this can help you reconnect to your centre and find gratitude for all the little things in your life. At Twentyseven, we carry a few Journals that we thought you should know about! These are absolutely fantastic to get you started on your daily writing ritual.

  • The Rituals Journal 
  • by Natalie MacNeil & Lindsay Hine

    This transformative journal guides readers through daily rituals and writing exercises for gratitude, renewal, and self-care. Delivered in a radiant package with colourful watercolour illustrations, foil stamping, gilded edges, and a ribbon marker, plus plenty of blank space for reflection, The Rituals Journal is an encouraging handbook for anyone looking to nourish the mind, body, and spirit through simple practices for well-being. 

    Order here $22.50


  • Calm The Chaos Journal
  •             By Nicola Ries Taggart

    This journal is just the thing to help manage daily stress and quell anxiety so it doesn't build up over time. Creating the space for a simple daily ritual of reflection and intention can do wonders to calm inner chaos when the outside world starts to take over. Anyone seeking inner balance, harmony and tranquility will make this journal a habit. It won't solve problems, but it will do wonders for those in need of some peace of mind. It is a great addition to any self care self-care arsenal.

    Order here 22.50