Female-Owned Brands We Love!

Mar 11, 2021

We’re still riding the wave of International Women's Day (Because let’s face it, we should be celebrating women every single day!) Over the years we have been fortunate to work with some incredible female-owned brands! Today, we want to put the spotlight on a few of our newest brands that have quickly become our favourites.

Read on to be inspired!

You may have guessed it, yes - the SISTERS brand was indeed created by three awesome sisters; Doni, Eva and Jo Zasloff. All three are mothers, one is a musician, the second a midwife and the third a family doctor. They wanted to create a line of products for skin and hair that were non-toxic, smelled delicious (trust us on this one the scents are unreal, think Amber and Santal)  and were safe for all! They collaborated with their father (who is a biochemist and physician...talk about a family affair) and have created an incredible sustainable and nontoxic brand that we absolutely love here at Twentyseven. 

And to add a cherry on the cake, these sisters have, since the brand’s inception in 2017, donated 40% of their profits to organizations that support women’s health.

Women supporting women is the essence of the SISTERS Body Brand.



Founded by fellow Canadian, Cynthia Cyr in Vancouver, the essence of the Bare Skin Bar is all about stripping down the complexities of modern skincare, and instead focusing on the raw beneficial ingredients that keep us looking and feeling great.  Bare Skin Bar products are formulated using raw materials such as butters, clays, botanicals and essential oils. They ensure that all ingredients are safe, vegan, gluten-free and they are committed to sustainability with their green packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. 

We love Bare Skin Bar’s collection of simple and effective self-care treats. From bath bars to exfoliating and detoxifying soap’s they are beautiful, highly moisturising and smell ridiculously good. It’s hard not to fall in love with this amazing female-owned brand.



“The Art of being in Nature is the Art of Living”. This is the essence and ethos of the Hollow Tree brand. Tobias Douglas founded HOLLOW TREE in British Columbia, inspired by the majestic forests she grew up loving in Whistler. Her mission was to create candles that brought to life the scents and memories she lived throughout her time exploring the West Coast Backcountry. For Tobias, it’s all about sharing the love and magic of the Pacific West Coast, so that all can experience the exotic smells and aromas that exist in this part of the world. The candle’s vessel’s are beautiful white ceramic pottery pieces that have a life after your candle is burned to the bottom, we like using these for some dried flowers afterwards or use the crushed up vessel to amend your garden soil and keep things green. 

The candles take you on a journey through alpine meadows, forest groves, and verdant valleys, all while enjoying comfortably in your home. These are incredible pieces to have for yourself, and to give as amazing gifts.