5 Reasons to Support Local and Small Businesses This Holiday

Nov 29, 2022
Twentyseven Toronto The 27 Journal | 5 Reasons to Support Local and Small Businesses This Holiday

If you know us, we’re all about supporting local and small businesses. More and more people are becoming mindful of where their money goes and supporting a local and small business can reap lots of benefits for both customers and owners. We love discovering new brands that align with Twentyseven’s core values, and most of those brands are Canadian made, family owned, woman owned, LGBTQ+ owned and POC owned - regular people who want to change the world through sustainable ways of shopping. Here are 5 reasons why you should support local and shop small this Holiday. Plus, we’re showcasing our fave new brands that have recently hit our shelves.


Give back to your local community

If you are passionate about helping your community thrive, there is no better way than to support a local business. Local businesses add character and diversity to the city, whether it’s a local cafe or your fave hair salon ;) You’ll directly benefit businesses that promote proper living wages, sustainable practices and support the other people who call your community home too.


Reduce your environmental footprint

By shopping local, you are drastically lowering your carbon footprint. You are confident in knowing that you are reducing extensive shipping times, buying products with high quality non-toxic ingredients that last for YEARS and are manufactured in factories that aren’t exploitative. We also carry brands that are Carbon Neutral, which offset carbon emissions. Overall, stopping by your local shop is much better for the planet than buying fast fashion/beauty products with toxic ingredients. 


Personalized customer service experience

Since you are members of the same community, your customer service experience will be much more personalized and special. Chances are you will get to know your local shop’s owners and employees which means you have already built a relationship with them. They’ll know your likes, dislikes and which products you absolutely need to have to solve your problems. 


Diverse products

We are always on the hunt for creative, innovative, sustainable brands to support. We try to carry new brands that are tried and true cult favourites but aren’t as well known. Most people opt for shopping local because there is a touch of love that is added to every product coming from a small business. Whether it’s higher quality ingredients, cuter packaging, or you agree with their brand philosophy. There’s always a new discovery waiting for you when you come into a local business.


Innovation and accessibility

Small businesses are the pillars of innovation. Brands like Odesse, are reimagining how products like perfume are packaged and applied. Therapy Notebooks and Intelligent Change are making mental health resources more widely accessible. Rainbo and The Good Patch are creating holistic alternatives to take charge of your wellness. Small and local businesses create products with real people in mind, to make your lives easier and better. In return you get to help benefit others and yourself.




The eco-friendly perfume. Odesse is an Australian brand that uses high quality ingredients and promotes "refill, not landfill". Their scents are long lasting and their solid perfumes are travel friendly, so you can smell amazing no matter where you go.


Vigyl Candles

Vigyl is a special candle brand based in Montreal. They partner with The Rainbow Railroad - a Canadian charity that helps LGBTQI+ people around the world find safety from persecution. Their packaging is sleek with scents to die for. Obsessed is an understatement! 


Living Libations

Luxurious and Canadian-made. The Best Skin Ever cleanser is a fave here at 27 for good reason. Made with organic ingredients that honour your beauty and health. Try out their haircare line this season!


Well Kept

Created to provide simple, sustainable, and sophisticated alternatives to everyday essentials. Did we mention this brand is based in Vancouver? Woman-owned, eco-friendly, and locally made. Perfect for anyone who wants to shop their self care mindfully.




Wrappr is a woman-owned, Canadian brand that takes gift wrapping to a new level. Inspired by Japanese Furoshiki wraps made out of luxurious fabric that features designs from artists. This alternative is reusable for every gift so you can give art, not waste.


Therapy Notebooks

Created by therapists and psychologists to help you navigate your thoughts and emotions with scientifically backed prompts. The Anti-Anxiety notebook can be used on its own and the Therapy Notebook can be used to supplement your therapy sessions by giving you a moment of reflection.