Hair Cleanse Shampoo Refill Pouches

Hair Cleanse Shampoo Refill Pouches

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They use 60% less plastic to produce and are 100% recyclable. With this new option, you’ll be doing your part to save the Earth while also saving money; what’s not to like?

Nutrient-rich formula to gently cleanse and hydrate your hair. Infused with Ylang Ylang and Moringa oil for hair that feels clean and refreshed.

What it’s for:

+ cleansing the scalp
+ delivering moisture to the hair and scalp
+ stimulating hair growth and strengthening hair 

Scent note:
Soothing botanical notes of iris and violet are blended with grounding essences of papyrus and golden amber and delicately layered with hints of cedar, sandalwood and soft leather to send you into a deep state of relaxation.

Welcome To Your New Hair Journey. Hair and scalp wellness takes time. Although they give instant shine/body, we must remove sulfates and silicones from the hair follicle and scalp as they disrupt your scalp biome and leave long-term damage一this can cause short-term dullness but is absolutely worth it in the long-run.

We have set out the phases below you can expect on your way to a balanced scalp, and hair health.

Month 1
Reset Phase

+ Detox and Cleanse will help remove dead skin cells and build up of product around the hair follicle

+ You will experience your hair’s natural texture, so it may feel dry due to the removal of silicones that cover-up damage and prevent moisture from penetrating the hair shaft

+ Hair may feel flat during this stage, which means it's possible that you are using too much Scalp Detox or not double cleansing sufficiently

Month 2-3
Restore Phase

+ Using the Cold Processed Conditioner, your hair will be properly hydrated without toxins and you will start to notice improved hair texture because of the deep absorption of nutrients

+ You may notice some frizz as the hair adjusts to absence of silicones

+There will be reduced scalp inflammation and irritation

Month 4
Renew Phase

+ The pH of the scalp will be restored, leading to a balanced microbiome

+ The original hair texture, moisture, and shine will return

+ You will start to notice your new hair grows consistently with resilience

+ Your hair will feel fuller and stay cleaner longer


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