About Act + Acre

Act+Acre is a modern hair wellness brand that encourages you to 'treat your hair like you treat your skin'. It's not about quick fixes. They are about expertise, caring, and thinking things through. They are committed to creating products with the long-term health of your scalp and in turn, your hair, and mind.

About the Founder


Founder and celebrity hairstylist, Helen Reavey, has always been passionate about clean hair care that works, she couldn't find any for her clients and so decided to create Act+Acre: The world’s first Cold Processed® hair wellness brand that focuses on your scalp. Suffering from scalp issues her whole life as well as working with all kinds of hair, the one thing she noted as being common across the board was poor scalp health. The scalp ages 6x faster than the face, so she is an avid believer in treating your scalp with the same degree of care and attention as one treats their skin

Originally from Ireland, Helen and her husband Colm created and patented the Cold Processed® technique to create their plant-based products. This avoids the traditional heat-based production, which can lessen the potency of nutrients in seed oils. Sustainability is key to the brand, through the packaging, the ingredients, the use of 90% less energy to create Act + Acre products, and the wind farms they fund in Mumbai.

What is Cold Processed®?

Helen found that most hair products were made through the addition of harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Meaning that all the natural ingredients that were initially included are boiling off, reducing the potency and effectiveness of the products. She was then inspired to challenge the science behind the process and carve out a new category within the beauty and hair wellness space that focuses on all-natural, chemical-free, clean ingredients.

She spent 18 months challenging the science with a team of 31 PhDs, including chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, biochemists and botanists in order to develop the patented Cold Processed® method. 

Cold Processed® - Using a hyperbaric chamber, ice-cold water, and 1200 lbs of pressure to mix all the ingredients. 

Ingredients - Thanks to their method, Act+Acre products retain 97% efficacy of the ingredients, meaning they don't need any added chemicals. 

Energy Efficient - By eliminating heat, their method consumes 90% less energy than conventional heat manufacturing.

Their Must-Try Product:


Cold Processed® Scalp Detox

Their #1 Best Seller. Skincare for your scalp™ — an award winning scalp detox treatment. A pre-cleanse oil that gently breaks down sebum, removes buildup and restores balance to the scalp.

Works on all hair types and scalp types.