About Davines

About Davines

Davines is one of the most raved hair brands in the world, renowned for it’s high quality products, transparency, dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family. The Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of honing their hair care expertise, they began creating our own brand of Davines hair care products exclusively for salons!

Davines focus was to create high quality products that offered real results and still express the Davines distinct style and spirit. The Italian culture is present throughout all craftmanship of these fine products. The products stay on trend with today’s fashion, but will go down in history as timeless classics.

Ethics of the Company

Davines' Carta Etica - or a collection of shared ethics and company guidelines, created by all members of the group - is contributing to the working wellness of everyone.

Moreover, Davines also focuses on formulations that favour the use of high quality ingredients with natural origins, generated with renewable electricity and minimizing the environmental impact - inspired by the ideal that Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable unity between Beauty and Good.

Their Must-Try Product

OI All in One Milk

With so many leave-in conditioners on the market, this Davines bestseller is hands down the best of the best. As the name implies, the OI All in One Milk does it ALL - she detangles, moisturizes, acts as a heat protectant, softens your hair AND enhances shine. The jack of all trades of the hair world. 

Twentyseven Tip: Try out the OI collection! Formulated with Roucou oil, the products give extraordinary shine and softness to any kind of hair. For softer and smoother skin, you can also complement your daily haircare routine with both an anti-aging hand cream and moisturizing body wash.