Your Home is Your Sanctuary

Feb 10, 2021
woman in a bathtub covered in bubbles, self care

Did you know that the soft glowing radiance of burning candles in a room, not only enhances the décor of your space, but also alters the vibrations there? The benefits to having candles in your home are honestly endless, but we’ve chosen a few to share with you!

Increases Focus

Are you working from home these days? (Aha, yup) Well, lighting a candle on your desk can actually increase your focus and help you be more productive! There are also certain scents that can stimulate your mind! Aromas like mint, lemon, orange, cinnamon and rosemary can give you that little extra boost you need to remain concentrated and get your work done.

Improves your Mood

Candles are an instant mood-lifter! The next time you are feeling a little down, try to use a candle with citrus or rosemary scents and you will feel the benefits of how these properties can help increase your mood.

Stress Relief

We all know that candles ease stress and bring calming properties into the atmosphere. Certain candles are used during aromatherapy to help ease anxiety and depression, it helps improve sleep and can even help with nausea and pain.  When life gets too hectic and you need a soothing moment of peace and tranquility, light a candle with notes of bergamot, lavender, chamomile and frankincense, and you will feel calmer and more relaxed.

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