Should I be treating my hair differently during a lockdown?

Mar 28, 2021

Look — we know this isn’t anywhere near the most-pressing item on your list right now, and if you’re a breathing, functioning human, likely not even on the list, period. But since you’re here, and while we have you, we tapped small business owner and stylist to the stars Olivia Colacci to share her most pressing tips for keeping our hair healthy during our time indoors.

“When it comes to how your hair itself is behaving, not much changes,” says Olivia, when asked if we should be washing our strands more or less often. “You’re at home, not heat-styling, certainly not colouring or treating [your hair]. Take advantage of that — consider experimenting with treatments and masks now, while you’re not seeing people and have the time to let things sit.”


What should we be doing about our undetermined time between appointments, however? Since all of us are bound to be missing something, albeit a cut, colour or trim, Olivia’s go-to hack to keep hair healthy is Olaplex, hands-down. “While you have the advantage of being indoors, try it out,” she advises. Recommending an overnight treatment if possible, you can also opt for leaving it in while we tackling other matters throughout the day (things like, calling your representative, helping guide your child through school, securing groceries in what is now a once-weekly hours-long ordeal).

Some other tips? “Just because you aren’t seeing people, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking care of yourself. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I haven’t brushed my hair, I’m not washing it as often, but if you can — we all need to be reminding ourselves to prioritize some self-love through the chaos.”

Below, Olivia’s list of products to try (while supporting small businesses - all links direct you to local, small stores):

Olaplex leave-in treatment

Act + Acre scalp detox

Living Libations sun dew moisturizer

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