Find the Perfect Candle for Your Zodiac Sign

Feb 15, 2023

Curious about what your zodiac sign would be as a candle? Or do you just want to try a brand new scent? We've paired candles we carry in store with your zodiac sign, so go ahead and find out what your perfect match is!


Field Kit Spicy Pillar Candle

Aries are known for their bold and fiery energy. They add a lil' bit of spice to anyone's life so it would only make sense for a spicy or energizing scent to be the perfect match for their dynamic personalities. The Field Kit Spicy Pillar Candle has notes of clove, cardamom, and black pepper to add that extra Aries spice to your space.



Hollow Tree Lone Pine Candle

As an earth sign, Taurus values comfort and stability. A warm and comforting woodsy scent would align perfectly with their down-to-earth energy. The Lone Pine Candle from Hollow Tree includes notes of pine, lichen moss, and juniper resin to ground you wherever you may be.


Boy Smells Fleurshadow Candle

Known for their adaptability, changeability, and duality. Opposing scents such as Boy Smells Fleurshadow candle that work seamlessly together and would be the perfect match for your playful personalities. Candle notes include an unexpected mix of florals and smokiness!


Field Kit Sweet Pillar Candle

Cancer's brings a little sweetness and coziness to everyone's life. They value emotions and trust their intuition. The Field Kit Sweet Pillar candle has a soothing scent of honey and sweet grass that aligns perfectly with their sensitive and comforting personalities.


Hollow Tree The Lions Candle

The scene stealers and attention grabbers of the zodiac. Leo are known for their confidence and being associated with the king of the jungle. The Lions Candle from Hollow Tree is a luxurious and opulent scent that commands a room, making it the perfect match for their regal and charismatic personalities. Plus, it's called The Lions? There's no better candle for you, Leo.


Verre Lune The Lobby Candle

Virgos value practicality and hard work, so you deserve a candle that can transport you to a vacay and take your mind off your endless endeavours. The Verre Lune Lobby candle has a luxurious blend of creamy coconut and shea with warm mahogany and vetiver that will make you feel like you're in the lobby of a 5 star resort at golden hour. 


Verre Lune Provence Candle

Libras value harmony, balance, and beauty. Naturally sweet and romantic, they would need a scent that matches their personality and there's nothing sweeter and romantic than walking through a lavender field in the French countryside. The Verre Lune Provence Candle is the perfect match for their charming personalities.


Hudson + Oak Sage Candle

Scorpios want a candle that has depth and intensity. The Hudson + Oak Sage Candle is a mystical blend of spicy cardamom, patchouli an sage that aligns perfectly with their mysterious personalities.


Field Kit The Explorer Candle

If there's a sign that are known for their sense of adventure and thrill, it's Sagittarius. The Explorer Candle is a fresh and invigorating scent that matches their free-spirited personalities.


Field Kit The Lumberjack Candle

Capricorns are simple. They like tradition and they hate over-complications. They are hard workers and enjoy the small comforts of life. A classic and timeless scent that's a little woodsy like The Lumberjack from Field Kit would be a wonderful addition to your home.


Vigyl Iconic Candle

Known for their individuality and eccentricity, only the Iconic Candle from Vigyl would be our recommendation. A unique mix of earthy scents and citrus are a match made in heaven for their independent and forward-thinking personalities.


Vigyl Bareskin Candle

A sign known for their intuition and their empathy, they deserve a scent that's dreamy and ethereal to perfectly align with their sensitive personality. The Vigyl Bareskin Candle smells like a fresh sun-soaked weekend, infused with soft scents like lavender, mandarin, jasmine, and amber.

So go ahead, light up your life (literally) and discover the candle scent that's written in the stars for you!