Our Netflix Faves!

Jan 25, 2022

If you have ever visited us IRL you’ve probably been part of one of our many discussions on what to watch.. We thought it’d be great to compile a list to avoid those late nights scrolling Netflix.

Olivia's Top Picks

Yellow Jackets- My FAVOURITE show
Yellowstone-  crushin’ on Rip 
Dr. Death- because we all love watching murder docs way too much
Modern Family- to make you laugh out loud
Succession - Just started, slow start but can see the potential
Ted Lasso - feel good funny. Binge worthy in a weekend. Its like free therapy
Sex And The City- watching it because we have to not because we want to

Kristen's Top Picks

Mosquito Post 
Morning show
Real housewives Salt Lake City
Hell’s Kitchen
Emily in Paris

Helen's Top Picks

Stay Safe
14 peaks- Documentary
Don't look up
Hand of God
Down to Earth-Documentary
Our Planet/Our planet Behind the scenes- Documentary


Let us know your go-to Netflix picks in the comments below or if you've seen these shows!