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Lavender Lemon Kinsip Handcrafted Bitters

Lavender Lemon Kinsip Handcrafted Bitters

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Kinsip Handcrafted Bitters bring drops full of delicately balanced flavours to your home. The bitters allow you to create interesting, complex, and nuanced cocktails with ease, as well as unique and flavourful elements in cooking or baking. Think about adding ginger bitters to cookies, or vanilla rye bitters to your french toast or waffles. Don’t forget non-alcoholic drinks! Add a drop or two of bitters to compliment the flavours in your next drink or meal!

They make their bitters using grain-to-glass spirits from their craft distillery in Prince Edward County. Using 60% alcohol gives maximum extraction from the herbs and botanicals they utilize in their process. Kinsip, pride's themselves in the use of local, seasonal ingredients. For a touch of sweetness, locally produced honey is found in all their bitters.

Lavender Lemon - Lavender leads on this one while lemon provides a subtle back note. Gin loves lavender!

100 mL