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Jumbleberry Jam
The Renaissance Farm

Jumbleberry Jam

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The Renaissance Farm's famous Jumbleberry Jam. Amazing on fresh bread, mixed into pancake batter, stirred into cocktails, or on its own by the spoonful!


About The Renaissance Farm:
We're just another family that fell in love with Prince Edward County and would love to do our part reviving the land that we have chosen for our home.... hence, The Renaissance Farm. We have big dreams for our farm, but our 'keep it simple' school of thought has us starting small. Jamming, planting fruit trees, ancient grains, renovating the original 1870s farmhouse... it's all out of respect for the land. We'd love to share it with you... starting with the jam 🍓

strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, sweet apple cider, cinnamon, pectin and a wee bit of sugar.