Mushroom Milk
Mushroom Milk
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Mushroom Milk

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This delicious blend of dehydrated organic coconut milk and 6 medicinal mushroom extract powders (chaga and reishi dual extract, lions mane, maitake, cordyceps, and turkey tail) is a creamy, nourishing instant beverage with immunomodulating and adaptogenic support. 

Tasting/ Sensory Notes: Nourishing, creamy coconut milk horchata with a hint of cinnamon.

Mushroom Milk can be consumed in a number of ways. For an electrolyte-rich, energizing sports drink add 1 level tablespoon of Mushroom Milk powder to a cup of cold water. Shake well (mason jars or water bottles are great for this purpose) and enjoy straight up while exercising, as an afternoon pick-me-up/ appetite suppressant, or anytime you’re craving a thirst quenching boost of energy.

Add to smoothies at 1 level tablespoon per cup for an added boost of coconut and mushroom power. 

Add to hot water at the same ratio (1 tbsp per cup) for a nourishing warm tonic, or soup broth base.

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