Authentic Jade Roller

Authentic Jade Roller

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Ethically-sourced, Perfectly sculpted and crafted with years of wear and durability in mind, this Jade roller is the only one you'll need, period. In the realm of crystal healing, jade is associated with protecting against negative energy and balancing your chi (or qi), your body's energetic life force. According to Chinese medicine, any number of physical and mental symptoms from anxiety to fatigue to actual pain can indicate that your qi is out of whack. By moving the stone across your facial muscles, you will increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, and diminish the appearance of fine lines. Like with other methods of facial massage, the jade roller also helps your products penetrate more deeply into the skin.


Twentyseven Tip: Place your roller in the fridge overnight or even a few hours before using to maximize the de-puffing effects.

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