Release Ritual Kit
Release Ritual Kit
Moon and Jai

Release Ritual Kit

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RELEASE what no longer serves, release any unwanted energies, patterns, situations. By letting go of what doesn't serve our highest good we create ample room for growth, joy and magic! Lepidolite that is included in RELEASE ritual kit is calming and soothing, as it helps to release stress while supporting one on the path of willing acceptance. Lepidolite assists in releasing old behavioral patterns, and helps identify and let go of all unwanted energies and behaviors. It assists us in finding a harmonious path to action, encourages independence and self-reliance. 

The RELEASE ritual kit includes:

  • Raw lepidolite crystal
  • Clear quartz point
  • Fragrant thick sage smudge wand
  • Aromatic Palo Santo stick
  • Raw large selenite wand
  • Moon + Jai matches 
  • Ritual + Crystal qualities scroll- complete directions on magical ways to perform your ritual + healing powers and care instructions for your crystal
  • The kit comes in a sturdy elegant black pull out drawer box with gold design. 
  • Box dimensions are 7 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2 inches tall
  • The healing crystals in this kit have been cleansed, energetically charged, moon bathed and blessed.

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